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CAT Brain | An Online Database

Welcome to the open database of cat neuronal activity and body biomechanics.

The database currently contains data on cat brain activity during overground locomotion that was collected in the laboratory of Drs. Irina Beloozerova and Misha Sirota at the Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.  See conditions of use.
See the list of Behaviors, Brain structures, and Neuronal types currently available in the database.

               i.e.: “motor cortex”, “pyramidal”, “response”.   See suggested keywords.

Later this year, data on cat brain activity during treadmill locomotion, balancing on a tilting platform, and scratching will be added to the database. Three-dimensional kinematic data on these behaviors will be also added.

 The database is open to and encourages other laboratories to deposit their data on cat brain activity and body biomechanics during any  behavior. Ask how here.