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VL 123 | CAT Brain


Activity of a neuron from the ventrolateral nucleus of the thalamus (VL) during walking on the flat surface and horizontal ladder with crosspieces 12 cm wide.  The neuron was recorded in thalamic track 3 (see thalamic map here). It antidromically responded to stimulation of motor cortex, thus it was a thalamo-cortical projesction neurion, TC. Latent period from the cortex was 1.2 ms. The neuron responded to manipulation of the contralateral forelimb. This VL neuron was one of the 238 neurons, activity of which was analyzed in respect to walking on the flat surface and ladder-5, and reported in Marlinski et al., 2012. Excel data spreadsheet for this paper, containing, among that of 238 other neurons, the 20 bin histogram of the activity of this PTN during flat surface and ladder-5 walking along with several evaluations of the histogram is here. This neuron was recorded on channel 2 (cell 1) simultaneously with PTN 3183 recorded on channel 7 (cell 2).

walking_831 (flat surface and ladder-5 walking):
     (1) main data file, clustered, Spike2
          information file, Spike2
     (2) main data file, clustered, txt
          main data file, clustered, mat
     (3) selected channels for locom_cat3M, txt (VL only, a better clustering)
     (4) spike rastes, .rs format, zipped (see how to plot rasters)         
Thus, for this VL cell’s flat surface and ladder-5 walking, the data include: (1) original recording in Spike2, which includes clustering of the VL and PTN cells by IB; (2) .txt and .mat exports of this entire recording; (3) a .txt export of only the times of spikes, the beginnings of swing and stance phases of the stride of the right forelimb; and moments of entering and exiting the test corridors; and (4) IB assessment of the activity of this PTN during flat surface and ladder-5 walking (the strides selection for rasters and histograms).
See examples of images that illustrate some of the walking files data content in the post on PTN 3183. These images only illustrate some of the walking-826 file data content. Actual data are in the links above.