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Conditions of use | CAT Brain

Data from Laboratory of Dr. Irina Beloozerova (IB) are free to use by anybody interested. These data were collected in the course of studies supported by grants from National Institutes of Health (NIH), USA, and thus are free to use. Dr. Beloozerova will provide descriptions and clarifications for the data to the best of her abilities. She will bear, however, no responsibility for how the data are treated or interpreted. Dr. Beloozerova explicitly declines authorship in any studies that use data from this Database, unless she is substantially involved in the study. “Substantially” means an essential contribution beyond providing the data and their descriptions.

Transfer of large volumes of data can be arranged, please inquire; no need to download files individually from the Database.

Would any publications or presentations result from the use of the data obtained from the Cat Brain database, Dr. Beloozerova requests that the source of the data is acknowledged as follows: “Data [for XX part of the study] were obtained from the Cat Brain database,, to where they were contributed by the laboratory of Dr. Beloozerova”.